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Good Demo/Bad Demo: ModNation Racers

Oh boy, am I behind on demos. You'd be surprised how fast an 80GB hard drive ca fill up.

Luckily I have this beauty on my PS3: Modnation Racers.

Who needs another cart racer? Well, maybe me! This game had me at its style of presentation.

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Throw in the ability to play around with character and car customization, and you've got a definite good demo.

The actual racing is not novel, but the little touches of audio commentary, character gestures and other silly chatter  are the heart of this game.

I would have liked to actually be able to play as my custom character or my own pimped out car, but that's where a cheapo has to become a customer.

Modnation Racers is most definitely available for purchase wherever games are sold. I mean, it' months old at this point.

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