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Good Demo/Bad Demo EXPLOSION! Part 2: Diner Dash, Voodoo Dice, and Peggle

OK, let's continue cutting through the jungle that are the PSN Store's demo offerings.

Are you hungry? then let's check out Diner Dash.

If you like to play casual PC games, then you might have come across this type of game before: these are the restaurant games where you're taking orders in an ever-hectic environment, trying to please as many customers as you can.

It's a very basic game where you have to keep an eye on cues if you want to progress. There's nothing too complex about this game: a child could play it. The complexity comes in getting the customers from the door to their seats, and out of the diner before they get frustrated.

It doesn't take long before you're sweating and panicking as the  line at the door gets longer and you have to move from point to point.

Diner Dash is a good time killer, and that also makes a good demo.

Next is Voodoo Dice

There's dice, and apparently they have been cursed by a magic- or voodoo, if you will.

I cannot be too hard on Voodoo Dice. it looks good, it has an interactive menu and level select, and the game is extremely easy to learn.

Ten minutes into it, though, and I'm a bit annoyed. I think that this game is more for people who love puzzle games above all other genres. The demo is tolerable, but I don't want to flip around a die until I solve a puzzle. Maybe if you catch me on another day, I'd call this a good demo. Whatever Voodoo Dice lacks for me, it makes it a bad demo.

Why am I so mean to Voodoo Dice? At the moment, I need something simple, yet addictive. It probably doesn't get any more addictive than Peggle. Peggle is GREAAAAAAAT!

What's so great about Peggle? Well, for one, it's super simple. All you have to do is shoot a ball in such a way that you hit as many pegs as possible. You have a certain number of chances to hit the orange pegs on each level.

Another thing I love about Peggle is its style. It's wacky, full of anthropomorphic animals, and all of the parts that make up Peggle- the sounds, the effects, the bonuses- come together in what I think is the most addictive puzzle game since Tetris. I need no prompting to dub this a good demo that will probably charm you into buying the full version. I believe it's that good.

The summer's not over, and the demos never are. More to come!

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