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Good Demo/Bad Demo EXPLOSION! Part 1: Hamster Ball, Rocket Knight, and Pixel Junk: Shooter

I FINALLY got some splitter cables for my TV/ PC monitor so I can do so9me playing/ capturing of some demos!

Hamster ball is a tough demo for me to judge.

It is a fun and challenging game, but the first thing that made me think that it goes in the bad demo pile is that the hamster is ugly. Yes, the reason I don't give this a great endorsement is that rather than having a cute, cartoony character inside that Hamster Ball, it looks like a more true to life representation of an actual hamster.

If that's not enough, I also think that some of the levels confused me as to what direction I had to go in at points.

I am going to call this demo bad, mostly because I would not see myself coming back to this game if I bought the full version. It's fun, but I am not interested in this sort of puzzle game, if that is a proper categorization for it.

Three cheers for Rocket Knight!

It's cuddly anthropomorphic animal meets The Rocketeer meets Iron Man. With a sword that shoots energy blasts. Can it get any better?

Yes it can! This is a fun platformer, and the demo version offers you quite a nice taste of the full game.

The story involves a peaceful village coming under attack, which pushes the Rocket Knight to be created and go into action.

If you're not a fan of jumping around (or even jetpacking around) in the majority of your game, then that is the only thing stopping you from playing Rocket Knight. This is absolutely a good demo, and a good excuse to visit the PS store.

Now for my best demo. Pixel Junk shooter is the definition of what a downloadable game is. While not being even as graphics heavy as the aforementioned Hamster Ball, it feels like it was carefully crafted with the utmost care.

Pixel Junk shooter screams "bigger isn't always better." Just like the ship you pilot in the game, Shooter putts around quietly, but when the going gets tough, it lets loose some missiles of awesome, right in your face! Good demo: get it!

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