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My PS3 is in a Coma

It's not dead, it just in a Supercoma

PlayStation 3 owners, remember when we used to laugh and laugh at our buddies who had the dreaded "Red Ring of Death?" Well, that was all hilarious until word of the Yellow Light of Death arrived.

Does this look familiar to some of you? The YLOD is not impossible to fix on your own, as long as you have the proper tools. The most popular amateur method is the "reflow method" which involves a heat gun and a new coat of thermal paste.

I'll save you, PS3-kun!

It's a dismantling that no average Joe/Jane wants to do, because there are so many damned screws and parts you have to separate before you get to the juicy motherboard center. I successfully reflowed the PS3, but my Blu-ray drive was still not taking in disks properly; then the worst happened.

The PS3 completely died out. No more YLOD for me, because no lights came on at all! So now my power supply, the heart of the ps3 gave out after I successfully got its brain working. Just dandy.

inside my PS3

This is a view of the PS3 that you NEVER want to see.

When I put all the parts together, everything was just fine, until my PS3 decided to have this heart attack. You know a movie where someone dies suddenly, and all the friends think it's all a joke- until they realize the terrible truth? That's me in a nutshell. I have never experienced this before, and I think that very few PS3 users have.

Still broken

It's in perfect(ly broken) condition!

The last savior of my console is a new power supply. Until then it's me and my PC. Ahh, my PC. Even though I neglect it as a gaming machine, it does so much for me. Don't you die on me too, PC!

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