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Good Demo/Bad Demo Special: Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon title screen

What, a PC game on Good Demo/Bad Demo? Well, with my PS3 issues, I had to retreat into the arms of my PC, which has not given me nearly as much of a headache as my PlayStation has.

Let's get this out of the way: yes, this is like every tomb raidin' adventure you've seen before. It has mysterious, magical treasures, bad foreign accents, and beautiful damsels in distress.

Lost Horizon is part of the once mighty PC adventure genre. It stands out from its console brethren because the focus is not on your hand/eye coordination. Instead of  engaging in hand-to-hand combat or laying down massive gunfire, you rely on your wits to get yourself out of sticky situations, as well as solve puzzles.

It's point and click, think, and then point and click some more. Your hero, Fenton Paddock, walks around in third person at the click of your mouse, but don't expect him to go looking for trouble. Instead Fenton will go from place to place on the map, asking for help, which turns him into a go-fer, hunting for the right object to carry the story along.

No, Fenton, your game's not crap.

The puzzles can get a bit difficult, not so much because they are well crafted, but because you have a hard time of figuring out how to use your inventory on the current puzzle. So, despite the spotty voice work and getting a bit stuck on puzzles, Lost Horizon is a good demo worth a download.

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