Earlier this year, Quantic Dream graced us with the presence of a game I would call one of my favorites of the year so far.  Heavy Rain is one of those games I keep wishing I could go back in time and experience for the first time again.  The story is top notch and the controls bordered on revolutionary.  Recently, they released a free update to include support for Sony’s Seal-Nosed Mote.  I’ve gotten a chance to give it a go and I can definitely say I’ve rendered an opinion on the subject.  Do the new controls add something to the gameplay, or was it just an unnecessary add-on to promote our favorite multi-colored accessory?

New Monday, new podcast episode. That's just how we roll here at ElectricSistaHood... you betta recognize!

Like many of my fellow friends I spent most of my final year of high school social studies watching movies, doing rap freestyles (badly, mind you) and playing a little computer game known as Worms Armageddon. Although it was merely the demo that little game gave all of us months of nonstop entertainment. Recently -- at least on the PS3 -- a port of that classic game was released under the guise of Worms 2: Armageddon. After seven years since the last time I played it, the Worms franchise continues to be a blast.

When the Playstation Move was originally announced, I showed a picture of it to my girlfriend.  She looked at the picture of the device and immediately dubbed it the “Multi-Colored Seal-Nosed Mote”.  Since then, I have referred to Sony’s motion controller as such.  On friday, I picked up the Seal-Nosed Mote with the Sports Champions bundle and played a heck of a lot of that game.

I made a Youtube video. Hurray! Instead of reading about a demo, why don't you check out my gaming skills in action?

Kick your work week off right with a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast. The ladies are videogame-centric in this week's tangent-filled episode and for good reason.

South Carolina announced that it will be dedicating a monument in October in honor of one of its state's "heroes," and I have some choice words to say to the Carolinians.

It seems as though a lot of games nowadays are throwing multiplayer into the mix.  Possibly even more surprising is how successful it is when they do so.  Uncharted 2, earlier this year, took their gaming formula and added an incredibly fun multiplayer experience.  Bioshock 2 also took the multiplayer plunge and added bought plasmids to the PvP first-person arena.  Early next year, when Dead Space 2 launches, it will be the next game to take it’s awesome gameplay and pit friends against friends as they strategically dismember each other for enjoyment.

Lost Horizon title screen

What, a PC game on Good Demo/Bad Demo? Well, with my PS3 issues, I had to retreat into the arms of my PC, which has not given me nearly as much of a headache as my PlayStation has.