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My Ps3 Gets a Second Chance at Life

Yeah, I can fix this. Piece of cake!

After taking a "friendly blowtorch" to my PlayStation's motherboard and slapping thermal paste on its processors, I have finally got it breathing again.

Yellow Light of Death, meet Blue Light of Joy.

So I can play and I can demo now. This is the last straw for me and the PS3. If this console dies again, I'll have to go with a Slim. I will miss the backwards comparability, but my PlayStation 2 is still at my parents' house, nestled in its box.

Repairing a PS3 makes me feel like I'm in a cave, rubbing sticks for warmth. A new PS3 is not in my budget, but I will sell my pizza-riddled body to buy a new one! No male or female gamer should be left without their console for less than a week.

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