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Gyakushu! becomes a motion comic

First and foremost, Gyakushu is not an Manga, as in Manga with a capital "M." It is currently a motion comic, though.


Ohhh, now here's where I actually tell you what Gyakushu is. Gyakushu is a story of vengeance, about a bandaged man who goes about a bloody rampage, taking many wicked and soulless men down along the way.  If I could compare the art style to anything, I would say the art of the Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons is somewhere in the right ballpark.

I still feel that is an unfair reference, because Gyakushu is very much its own animal. It's not just some Japanese art influenced book either. Check out the motion comic for yourself on Hulu and see if you like it. It may even get you to read the actual books.

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