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Anime of Winter '11 Preview (Part 3)

Oh my, Wandering Son. This is quite the show! Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko) is a show about traps but it's not an LOL silly comedy. In fact, this show is a bit serious. It's totally keeping it real when it comes to transgender issues.

Besides being about boys dressing as girls, another thing you will notice is the "marble head" design. All of the people in this show have a shiny, polished look to a part of their head, so this show stands out visually in addition to having a novel premise.

Basically, a young boy moves to a new school and meets a kindred spirit, a girl who also has issues with her gender.

I can either take or leave slice-of-life dramas. After one episode, I think I am still on the fence. I could see myself losing the desire to keep up with the show. I do prefer silly anime over serious anime.

Watch More? Maybe

Who is the ideal audience? I really don't know. Maybe if you like slice of life shows. Wandering Son is not a series I see having broad appeal.

Unlike other offerings from the Noitomina block of Anime, this title may have the hardest time winning me over. It definitely fits the mold of  shows that look unlike the trite, unimaginative fare we're used to. It is not break totally new ground, however; Miyazaki probably has an idea like this in his back pocket.

It's a whimsical tale of a young boy who lives in a world where anyone can live their lives in two places at once. Even parents can be absent from their families and have their avatars watch over their children. This boy, Clain, has his life changed by a mysterious young girl, who is being chased by an odd trio of pursuers.  Where this show is going, I don't know.

Watch More? Maybe

What's the ideal Audience? If you like Miyazaki films whatsoever, I think you would definitely want to watch this show.

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