The ladies of the ElectricSistaHood are proud to present a new episode of our weekly podcast. In this week's episode the ladies talk PAX East, Epic Games/People Can Fly's newly released title Bulletstorm and beta anticipation anxiety around Epic's Gears of War 3 game.

Games, games games. You'd think they were gamers or something?

Get ready for more squid puns and tentacle humor, because one of last year's most adorably funny anime series is set to return!

In late December of 2010, when I played part one of Back to the Future: The Game, I had a lot of fun with it as a huge fan of the film series.  Seeing the second episode begin to download was like finding a twenty in my pocket.  Wondering of the possibilities of what to come in this second episode I started it up and was immediately floored.  The episode starts with a bang and has enough twists, turns and throwbacks to keep it going until suddenly you realize you’ve beaten it.

Hey, we almost forgot it was Monday, but this new episode of the ESH Podcast wouldn't let us forget it.

This week, the ladies are joined by a regular podcast friend, Xenocore from Ultimate Quest to talk nerdy to you.

The subject of transgenderism does not come up too often in the anime realm. For the most part when it comes to male characters wanting to dress like women (or vice versa) it tends to stay in a safe bubble where that is just as far as they'll go with their transformation. Not only does Wandering Son (or Hourou Musuko, as it's known in Japan) step away from this bubble, but also takes the issue and brings it to light via a middle school setting. As shocking as that might be, there is a tad bit of realism in putting a GLBT-based plot in an environment like this.

Since its release, I’ve been waiting for an awesome reason to sign up for PSN’s Playstation Plus rewards program.  Thanks to Double Fine, I finally got my reason.  Stacking, the newest game from the creators of Psychonauts and Costume Quest, is currently being offered for free to Playstation Plus subscribers.  I partook of said subscription and got my hands on Stacking and I’m glad to say that Double Fine has another wonderful game.

We're back, and with a new tangent filled episode for your enjoyment. Join the ladies this week as they talk Verizon iPhone, Thuggies, Tron Legacy and the "anime" feature flick, Princes.

Oh my, Wandering Son. This is quite the show! Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko) is a show about traps but it's not an LOL silly comedy. In fact, this show is a bit serious. It's totally keeping it real when it comes to transgender issues.

Besides being about boys dressing as girls, another thing you will notice is the "marble head" design. All of the people in this show have a shiny, polished look to a part of their head, so this show stands out visually in addition to having a novel premise.

Basically, a young boy moves to a new school and meets a kindred spirit, a girl who also has issues with her gender.

Deadmau5 in DJ Hero 2
It would be easy to be snarky right now when talking about Activision; their IP battle with former Infinity Ward and now Respawn Studios heads West and Zampella, disappointing sales in the "Hero" franchise across the board and a general concern from the gaming community about the future of it's flagship franchise – Call of Duty – leave the publisher open for any and all kinds of sarcastic comment, dig and/or other negative remark. Sure, I could join in that "fun" as well, but I don't like kicking dogs when they are down and make no mistake: Activision is hurting.