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"My Ordinary Life" is Not So Ordinary, it Turns Out.

This is a robot with a wind up key in her back, chasing a cat. For reals.

Hmm. Hmm. Where to start with this show?


Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) is what happens when a slice-of-life comedies goes insane. I don't watch  many comedies, and with good reason; it's hard to get me to laugh. My Ordinary Life succeeds, for its weirdness alone. My Ordinary Life is both about school life and about nothing at all. The characters are used as props for absolutely lunatic situations. I love laughing out loud, and this show is the funniest anime I've watched in a while.

What makes this show so funny is how it exaggerates situations. Usually we go throughout our lives and odd or unfortunate things may happen. You might drop some of your lunch on the floor, for example. Now imagine if most of your life was done with anime speed lines, loud screaming, silly, expressions and total non-sequiturs. Each character has their own style of funny, which keeps the laughs going for the length of a show. Also, goats.

I've read My Ordinary Life being compared to Lucky Star (which I have not seen yet), so if you like that show, here's more for you!

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