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"We Without Wings" It's Like Nothing You've Seen Befo- Oops, Forget it.

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Less panty shots, more of this!

In less than 30 seconds, We Without Wings- under the Innocent Sky went from being interesting to being the same panty-waving drivel I usually ignore.

I don't recall ever come across an anime that is in such a rush to introduce the harem so quickly as this show does. We open on Haneda, a personality-less, lucky-as-hell, unworthy-of-all-this-attention dude, attacked and fawned over on his way to school, even by a girl who is related to him. Although this looks like some kind of trite nonsense, I will give We Without Wings some credit. The bits where we hear the narrator commenting on the story is fun, and there are a few nice visual flourishes, but it still is not enough to keep my attention. Yes, I denounce this anime even though provides me with quick profiles of all its characters.


Otori - a cigarette-smoking man unmoved by anything. He seems like

Karube - a man who's slightly older than his mat; bearded

Shusuke- someone who is way too excited about everything

Alice- A foreigner who is learning to speak English. She is QUITE YOUNG.

Hino- she's like Otori's other half. She's a jerk, too, and Otori looks down upon her, just like he looks down upon everyone else.

Narita- An unemployed guy who acts like he has morals, instead of admitting he's broke.

Mochizuki- A girl who works at the Alexander Bar while taking classes at cram school.

Martinez- The token black guy. So if he's in japan, is he a Super Token? At least he speaks better Japanese than Alice does. He sells trinkets on the sidewalk.

There are more character, but these many introductions may be tiring. How many characters are in this thing? There are more characters here than in Durarara!!

Oh yeah, back to Haneda. Haneda talks in flowery language, about his destined lover and nonsense of that sort. He is BO-RING! I would rather watch any of the other characters than this crashing dullard, and I am afraid there will be more of him on the show than their should be. Then there are the gratuitous panty shots. I LOVE sexual content, in anime or in live action, but something as lame as a panty shot is self-censored in this anime, so it's useless pandering. Ah, We Without Wings. I wish you luck, but I think you might deserve to go down the drain.

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