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"Blue Exorcist:" It's a Devil of a Show!

Fuck yeah!

When your Dad's the Devil himself, you've got a lot to live up to. Although it's turned his world upside down, teenager Rin Okumura hasn't let it get to him. He's a half demon who's determined to become a powerful exorcist and, well, check out the screencap above.

Rin is a twin (rhymed!) who got all the cool demon-y power, while his brother is just your basic human. They were brought up by a priest who led them away from evil, but eventually Satan came to collect his son. The concept of someone being the son of the devil is good enough for me to take a ride with an anime, but  an anime also has to have likeable characters and a plot that doesn't make you grind your teeth. Blue Exorcist has funny and interesting characters, ducks a few shounen action cliches, and the animation is above average. Blue Exorcist is not a great anime, but while it still airs, it's a fun supernatural action title to watch from week to week and deserves to be on the air for many seasons to come.

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