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This past week I was given access to the upcoming free MMO game Family Guy Online, which revolves around the universe of the hit FOX TV show. What I've seen so far has impressed me, but there were some things that left me wanting more from the overall experience.

After picking up my brand new Playstation Vita, I inserted the fingernail-sized card that housed my copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  Having heard rumblings of a particular downloadable title being quite good, I logged onto the Playstation Network to check it out.  Priced at only eight dollars, I figured it was worth a try, so I downloaded it.  This brings us to today, where I’m only a few chapters into Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but I’ve gotten more than my eight dollars worth out of Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

Say goodbye to the bright colors of Eureka Seven, and say hello to the darker Eureka Seven AO. While the original Nirvash types that Eureka and Renton piloted were painted in bright colors and looked like the typical heroic mecha we

Capcom is one of those developers that tends to find a series that works and run with it.  Resident Evil is a series that shows this concept quite well.  Don’t let the six in the title of the upcoming PS3/360 title fool you, this series has more spinoffs and re-releases than a 1970s sitcom.  The latest entry in the series, Resident Evil: Revelations, hit the 3DS in February boasting amazing graphics and Circle Pad Pro support.  Does this latest game live up to the high standards set by the series, or does it misspell its way into insignificancy?

Sometimes, you're roaming around the internet, and something catches your eye. News dropped today that the group Tokyo Jihen have broken up. I do not know this band. Who are they?

Thanks to the internet, I can get caught up, quick!

Tokyo Jihwn ia a band fronted by bilingual singer Shiina Ringo. Through sampling their songs and videos, you can spot a ton of musical influences. Tokyo Jihen is jazzy, soulful, playful, and make music in English, as well as Japanese.