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Episode 287: Pax East 2012...I Haz a Happee.

sometimes a picture explains it all

As you could tell from Panda's Frickin' Fridayz video, all of Land of ESH's tweets and comments on their respective Facebook pages, that PAX EAST was all they wanted to talk about it. KingBabyDuck and Blueonic join the sistahs along with: Teg from the Boston Bastard Brigade. Robert "The DCD" Workman, CaptainChaos (from the B-team) and DJ Ranma S from Anime Jam Session.

The group did a live broadcast of this roundtable on Ustream. You can find it on the the B3's Ustream Page.

Enjoy our PAX EAST roundtable ESH Podcast Episode 287: Pax East 2012...I HAZ a Happee

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