Something seems off...

The sistahs suffered facets of PAX this is what you'll get while they heal. Panda always told Ninja they should have a White Mage go with them to these events. Ninja never listens!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

This special episode is very "Ninjasistah" intensive --and it's about time, since Pandalicious has been bulldozing her lately. Ninja talks about her new toy: The iPad 3, and an anime she has watched called: Kampher. Panda joins in on the brief joint topic of vampires.

Only the sistahs could find a way to group, tech, anime, and nerd lore into one show and make it work!

So, get on your comfy pants because these girls are going make your gut hurt with laughter in this week's ESH Podcast Episode 288: We Haven't Quite Put Out Finger On It, but Something Different's Going On Here.

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