Smurf it out!

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This episode of the ElectricSistaHood podcast seems to be flashing hues of black, white, red and blue? The Magical World of Disney gets verbally assaulted by Pandalicious this week as she drops some "Disney Realness" for your minds to process.

Ninja talks about some recent DLC for Harmonix's Rock Band, briefly mentions the upcoming Rock Band Blitz, and also takes us through her experiences with Radical Entertainment's Prototype 2.

Panda brings up her latest "animeventure" Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

Do you think Ninja loved what she played--Do you think Panda let a show go by without her talking about zombies?

Here are the never met students at Land of ESH High who are exploring the seven mysteries of the school:

Nobody Explained Where Baby Smurfs Came From

We Can't Have the Goofy-Pluto Conversation

How to Make Donald Duck Sound Racist

This Is Not a Video Podcast, But You Can See My Face

It's the Venus Flytrap of Death!

A Warning to Any Future Husbands

Whatever Is Broken Can Be Fixed With Downloadable Content

In Japan, It's All About Haunted High Schools

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia -- Not to Be Confused With Milk of Magnesia

Grab your spirit camera out and get ready to consume some evolved in this week's ESH Podcast Episode 290: That's Smurfed Up!

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