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Event Hype: E3 2012 Livebloggin'

Coming Soon: 2012 E3 Media Briefings

Every so often team ESH has the pleasure of attending events in person, and this year 4 members of the crew will be descending on LA next week to bring you all the video game news, previews, and hands-on recaps than you can shake a stick at. (Why you'd want to shake a stick at news, reviews and recaps I don't know, but hey...this is a judgement free zone.

Our live coverage of the media briefings from E3 2012 will soon be here, so be sure to stay tuned to our site Twitter feed (@ESHnews) to find out when our event live blogging will start. Remember:

  • Xbox Media Briefing - 6/4 @ 9am (PDT, 11am EDT)
  • Sony Media Briefing - 6/4 @6pm (PDT, 9pm EDT)
  • Nintendo Media Briefing - 6/5 @9am (PST, 12pm PDT)

To hold you over, be sure to check out all of our thoughts, interviews and rants about the upcoming E3 convention and shows we attended in the recent past here. Pandalicious, Hamsterman2049, KingBabyDuck and I will be hot-footting it around the LA Convention Center all next week to be sure we get our grubby little hands on damn near everything...so don't be shy. Comment on the stuff we write, tweet us titles or news items you'd like us to follow up on.

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