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E3 2012 | The Last of Us Leaves Lasting Impression.

Naughty Dog has been known to bring us treasures like: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter and the Uncharted triology. Their lastest project, Last of Us will join that list shortly. Initially when the world saw its first glimpse of Last of Us, many were quick to write it off as an Uncharted game with a older Nathan Drake lookalike. Those people were W-R-O-N-G.

The protagonists, Joel and Ellie, do not resemble Nathan Drake and friends. They are everyday people, with all the limitiations that come with that. The tone of Last of US is ominously serious. If something is humorous, the moment is fleeting at best. Survival comes first and at any cost. The world that was once so familiar is now drenched in the unknown.

Some people were slightly impacted by the gruesome realism presented to them on screen. When asked about it, the Last of Us Team present at this year’s E3 had some things to say.

“We want you to feel the same way Joel and Ellie feel. The situation they are in is as real as real gets, and the only way to drive that home to a player is to show what the consequences could be like in this kind of post pandemic world.”

Total immersion and player interaction are some of Naughty Dog’s top priorities. Last of Us will take us on a wide linear journey. This is a game that will present a story with many options along the way. The player will have the option to “silently” exist and use stealth to avoid confrontation, or to take on any threat nearby and reap the rewards. Stealth may protect you from damage, but it doesn’t fill your stomach at the end of the day, just remember that.

We will get to experience so much in Last of Us and in the end we will get to know a little more about ourselves too.

Last of Us will be an exclusive title for Playstation 3. Visit the Last of Us website for more information. There is still no confirmed release date for Naughty Dog’s Last of Us as to date.

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