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Frickin' Fridayz With Pandalicous Episode # 21

I love doing my videos on fridays, and I also love sharing new experiences with you all too. That is exactly what I did in this week's video. 8bitX is a Video Game Community with its own line up of shows. Their community was so welcoming that telling you about INSTANTLY crossed my mind--along with tacos--

Also I think I found my internet nerd mate in the Black Nerd. The fact that it took me this long to find him is ridiculous! So if you've never experienced both of these things...DO IT. I leave some linkages for the masses.

www.8bitX.com is the place for people who love Video Games and everything that surround them to hang out. (You may see me there too!)
www.blacknerdcomedy.com is the home of the black nerd and his SHEER Nerd GENIUS!

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