George Gershwin most likely didn't have this in mind when he composed this song.

Ninjasistah's voice has returned--well mostly anyway. So The Sistahs celebrated with doing what they do best: this podcast. This show took a turn on serious street this week while still staying true to their style. Ninja talked a bit about her bitterness about not going to San Diego Comic Con this year. She shared some of the news that gave her a happee. (Yes, that is spelled wrong on purpose.)

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Pandalicious talked about her latest Nintendo 3DS obsession: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Sure she wrote about it for but Panda loves talking about things more than writing about them. The Sistahs then shared their thoughts on rhythm-based games as a whole and they claim to exist in the casual gaming conscious.

These titles didn't have the beat this week:

Saturday Will Become Caturday

All the Old White Dudes Are Dying

Actually, Selma Blair Is Currently Starring On Anger Management With Charlie Sheen

What are your thoughts on rhythm-based games? Share them with The Sistahs after you've listened to ESH Podcast Episode #299: I've Got Music. I've Got Rhythm. I Just Want To Know Why I Need It.

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