ain't that the truth!

They have done it. 300 Episodes, 6 years of sistahs talking all things geeky. Sometimes when the sistahs don't have an idea planned out something wondrous will happen: like this special episode of ESH.

The Sistahs decided to MST3K this beeatch! It was long overdue but you no longer have to wait for this awesome. So Join the girls as they listen and comment on the show that made them go "Let's do this for realz."

Here are all the would have been titles for this week's iconic podcast
You Do Not Sound Like That Anymore

I Enunciate My R's

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I Creep Up On You When You're Not Looking My Direction

We Got Angrier Everytime We Had To Re-Record the First Episode

Proof That We Used To Be Considerate of Our Audience

Spiky Hair Doesn't Do It For Me Anymore

It IS a Glass Artichoke

Thanks, Blanket-Statement Pandalicious

Take All the Um's and Y'Know's Out and It's Only 10 Minutes Long

30 Hours! I Gave Up At Hour 62

I Played Kingdom Hearts Like Leroy Jenkins

And Now here's what you've come to hear: ESH Podcast Episode # 300: It's A Miracle That The Sistahs Made It To Episode Two.

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