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Sollmo had an online hit on its hands when it brought its cutesy fighter RPG Buddy Rush onto smartphones, tablets, and Facebook last year. This year they nix the cuteness for badass animesque characters battling robots in Operation CrossCounter. Unfortunately it comes with its flaws.

  Logitech seems to have released a new mouse.  If it is a little familiar that's because the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse looks a lot like Razer Naga.  It has a similar key configuration to the Naga with all the buttons being lined up in rows

With the ungodly amount of action movies stars in the Expendables 2 movie this summer, who didn't see a video game on the way? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah...I didn't think so.

Playing video games nowadays, one thing that’s really easy to take for granted is how you travel around the game world.  Be it gliding, running, climbing, driving, spinning, falling, grappling, swimming or simply walking around, it’s a pretty major part of the equation.  Every once in a while, a game comes around that takes this concept and comes up with something so innovative and fun that you can entertain yourself just traveling around doing nothing.  Couple this with impressive art design, a charming story, fun combat and time-based challenges and you’ve got Gravity Rush, currently the best offering on the PS Vita.

Since 2003 the WarioWare games have both entertained and weirded out gamers and critics alike on the Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS, and the Wii. Now Mario's evil doppelgänger is looking to invade the WiiU on its launch date with the tentatively titled Game & Wario.