It was a pretty dark year for a particular zombie-based survival horror series.  With three releases, at least one of them was bound to be pretty decent.  In the end, Capcom did release one good game in the Resident Evil

It has not been an amazing season for anime music this fall. Don't get me wrong; most of the opening songs this fall were solid, so it wasn't a horrible season either. My problem is that a lot of the

Sometimes, we get a glimpse of something, and we just have to get an answer. If you're a fan of Kamisama Kiss (Kanmisama Hajimemashita), then you probably Googled you head off when you saw a live action video playing during

Hey everyone- Pandalicious here. I need to extend an apology for not getting this podcast up on time. Life as we know it likes to climb up and plummet down pretty quickly and I just wasn't on my A Game.

A lot of games that involve the living dead are pretty lax about the rules that come with a zombie apocalypse.  Specifically, that when you are bitten by a zombie, even just a little bit, you’re going to be one

Will wonders never cease? I thought that Tenchi Muyo! was dead and gone as a series after that "we're going to name this after a show it barely resembles" (AKA Tenchi Muyo! GXP), but there is more Tenchi! Read the entire

    It’s times like these that make me regret trading in my iPhone and iPad for an all Android arsenal. Today, Zynga dropped one of their best games so far on iOS owners. Even though an Android version is “coming soon”,

Playing through the games that have come out this year, I’ve noticed a very interesting pattern to the ones I’ve enjoyed the most.  Several of my personal favorites throughout the year have featured zombie, or zombie-like, creatures.  As such, in