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ESH Podcast #321: Three People Enter The Shower--Two People Bathe.

Hey everyone- Pandalicious here. I need to extend an apology for not getting this podcast up on time. Life as we know it likes to climb up and plummet down pretty quickly and I just wasn't on my A Game. However this Holiday podcast should still be enjoyed.

I'm such a doooooouche for not getting it up on time. We had a special quest, Mayor Young from fantastic forum join us. You should all already being ROFLing in your chairs.

Once again we here at ESH hope you have had awesome holidays and got some great gifts. If you are still looking for something to wow that special person...we have some great suggestions for you here.

I am not even going to fluff this out- Lets get right to it!

It is finally here-ESH Podcast Episode #321: Three People Enter the Shower--Two People Bathe

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Rochelle "NinJaSistah" Hinds and Amanda "Pandalicious" Britton are the founders of ElectricSistaHood (ESH), and co-host of the network's flagship podcast, the ESH Cast. For nearly a decade, they have focused their journalistic efforts on video games and anime. That's - as the kids say these days - what's up.