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ESH Podcast Episode #347: We Never Say The N-word, But We Make A "Colored" Joke

347 Get the joke?!

Ninja tries to make Panda feel bummed about not being at San Diego Comic Con.
She was not disappoint.
Panda talks about the passing of Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson in Glee) and her adventures in The Walking Dead DLC "400 Days"

There are feral jokes abound in this episode. You have been warned.

All these would be titles didn't get the punchline.
Panda Finds Thumb–thing Wrong

All the Good Ones Are Taken or Gay

If We Paid Our Community Manager, I'd Fire Her

Everything You Missed At Comic Con

What Does Vin Diesel Shoot Arrows At?

I Know Because I Read It In A Magazine

What's It All About, Alfred?

This Us Warner, Not Sony

I Don't Need A Movie To Introduce Wonder Woman

They Call Him Superman For A Reason

If Anybody Knows, Tinkerbell Does

He Was The Black Guy in Amistad

When You Don't Fight Superheroes, That's When They Win

He Hit The Red Button, But He Did It For The Right Reason

It Has An Extra Layer Of Difficulty

In The Future, More 30-Year-Old Dopers Play Teenagers

You Still Can't Buy Pizza By Digital Download

In Zombie Games, We Know You Have A Choice In Who You're Going To Kill...

Get ready for ESH Podcast Episode # 347: We Never Say The N-Word, But We Make A "Colored" Joke

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