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No! Not Sully! No!

A Coupla Minutes With the Sistahs #438

In this excerpt from podcast episode 438, NinjaSistah and Pandalicious discuss the potential fate of the character Sully in the continuing Uncharted series.

NinjaSistah: And then, really, the only other gaming thing that's on my radar, and I'm sure on everybody else's radar that owns a Playstation, is the Nathan Drake collection. Because, you know, hey look, there's a lot of people...

Pandalicious: I'm not downing the Uncharted and Nathan Drake. I played all three -- I've got all three games on my PS3.

NinjaSistah: Yes, but, for a very nice price, you could have all three on the PS4 and play them on your PS4 and also get Early Access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

Pandalicious: OK, so, I like this idea, and that I do, but I put in a lot of time on Uncharted on my PS3. A lot. And I don't know if my kung fu grip has got it to do it again on the 4. Like I'm I'm ready for Thief's End, like I'm gearing up, I've been doing my hand exercises...

NinjaSistah: You've been doing all of your elastic crunches with your fingers?

Pandalicious: Yup, and I've been sitting there watching really sad movies so that I can be ready for whatever heart-wrenching thing that they've got set up.

NinjaSistah: If they kill Sully, I say we revolt.

Pandalicious: I hate to say it, bro, but I kinda think it's coming.

NinjaSistah: Noooooo.

Pandalicious: Because the way that... all right, we're going to take a little detour...

NinjaSistah: You remember how I felt when I thought that Sully died in 3...

Pandalicious: Yeah, but Nathan Drake was just hopped up on the vapors, though. Like, if you're paying attention now, like that canister kind of went off, some stuff went off and they thought it was slick. And they thought, no, no, no one's gonna notice that. And I was like, no, because Sully wouldn't go out with a fatal shot. He's been shot at this entire game.

NinjaSistah: But he has't taken a lot of bullets. He's an old man.

Pandalicious: I know, I'm just saying he's got skills, though. And for him to get shot point blank like that -- not gonna happen. Now, I mean like, in intertelango (?), like with combat fighting, switchblade fighting, something quick. It could potentially happen. But a clear shot like that? No way. That could never take this mofo out.

NinjaSistah: No. They can't kill Sully.

Pandalicious: Hear me out, bro.

NinjaSistah: No, you're playing with my heart now. 'Cause I like Sully more than Nathan. There, I said it.

Pandalicious: But you know that Nathan is being set up to be the next Sully. That's how they're playing this out.

NinjaSistah: I know.

Pandalicious: Sully's on for this last trip. There's something on his mind. He's like a dog, OK? And I hate to say it like that, because then you think that he's filthy and horrible, and he's not. But I feel that dogs have an internal sense like animals -- it's very animalistic. You can tell when their time is slowly beginning to wear on them. And I think being a thief, especially in this universe, this boss to the wall treasure hunter has really taken its toll on Sully, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually...

NinjaSistah: That's why he does the job and then he retires, man.

Pandalicious: That's the thing, he's retired, he was retired when Drake first went to him and he said, OK, one more. It's like an addiction and, sadly, sometimes addictions catch up with you.

NinjaSistah: No! Not Sully. No!

Pandalicious: And I feel like, if Sully makes it out of this one, if he makes it out of this one alive, I feel like he 'll probably be horribly maimed and that will completely stop...

NinjaSistah: Hey, like that's the thing. he's going to lose the leg. I'm OK if he loses the leg and he's gonna have a prosthetic and...

Pandalicious: ..he's going to pass the torch on...

NinjaSistah: No! Bro, no!

Pandalicious: ...he's gonna have to...

NinjaSistah: Bro, no!

You can hear the whole podcast directly from this website.

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Rochelle "NinJaSistah" Hinds and Amanda "Pandalicious" Britton are the founders of ElectricSistaHood (ESH), and co-host of the network's flagship podcast, the ESH Cast. For nearly a decade, they have focused their journalistic efforts on video games and anime. That's - as the kids say these days - what's up.