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ESH Cast # 452: Jerks Are Good Guys, Thugs Are Bad Guys and I'm a Pretty Girl

BFIG has come and gone but the sistahs had LOADS to say about it

This week's episode does not feature one of NinJaSistah's "Five Minutes of Destiny" segments (and no, she doesn't get to add it to next week's show) because both ladies have way too much BFIG stuff to share. Fair warning: next week's show will be an all-Destiny show as Bungie's latest expansion - The Taken King - drops on 9/15/15.


This one is about the ladies adventures at The Boston Festival of Indie Games. They spent the day exploring tabletop and digital gaming with a great group of colleagues (Fleming Brothers over from Wicked Anime) and KingBabyDuck from B3 Crew.

Ninja talked about Rain World, a game that was seen at last year's BFIG. This go 'round we got to see a little bit more and hear about some great additions to the cruelest world with the cutest slugcats you'll ever see. Another game the sistahs saw that was a part of the digital showcase was the game Nothing Good Can Come Of This. A simple, yet challenging game that let the sistahs work out some unspoken issues. Panda spent some time with a table/PC Game called A Matter of Murder and both of the girls had some feels (and a bit of nostalgia) with Emily Is Away.

The majority of the day was spent in the table top showcase. One of the best ways to break the ice when playing board games is to play one that just opens people up to a good time, Why The Long Face does just that. It also gives your face and lungs a SERIOUS workout.

Once they got their laughs in, they moseyed on down to Cogs in a Machine, a game that was well thought out and had great execution. Have you everything thought about playing a whole game in the dark? We didn't but it's something you can do with The Depths of Durangrar. In fact it's mandatory.

By far the best experience of the day came from DFL Games and their game Henchmen! IT is amazing and worth of your attention, praise and most importantly YOUR MONEY. Be a part of a world where the only way to make money is to do jobs for the boss, and the only way to make decent money is to potentially double cross other people who are in the thug life with you. This game has something fun for the entire family. No reference will go unlaughed at they assure you.

No BFIG would be complete without the latest game of card proportions and this year we were blessed with The Metagame. The party game that gets you talking. It was described to us as: Cards Against Humanity was the game you played in college. The Metagame is the game you'll play in Grad School.

Now we could have glittered this post with all the links for the games that have kickstarters but we are going to put them all right here.

Cogs in a Machine
The Depths of Durangrar

So here is ESH Cast #452: Jerks Are Good Guys, Thugs Are Bad Guys and I'm a Pretty Girl.

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