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Citadel expansion arrives on Mac, PC for EVE Online

Players don't get to hide out in their outposts any more

The Citadel expansion has arrived on EVE Online, opening the possibilities for players of the popular video game.

Of the expansion, the makers of the game say, "The inventive pilots of gaming’s most intriguing sci-fi sandbox game can now build staggeringly massive structures and then tear them down with imposing fleets of enormous starships. The delicate balances of power will break and new ones arise, unleashing havoc and spawning future conflicts across the universe.

"Outposts and stations were once the tools EVE players used to bring the universe under their control. Now, in a game with near-infinite possibilities, groups of any size can set their sights on grander ambitions.

"Citadels are gargantuan player-created cities in space, dwarfing almost everything the Empires have ever constructed. These monuments to the might and power of capsuleers make excellent player-run trade hubs and defensive platforms, the largest of which is massive enough to offer super-capital ship docking bays.

"With the ability to place them almost anywhere in the universe, it is truly a new dawn of player control over the space they choose to inhabit or invade, and their customizable nature makes it even easier to shore up defenses, manage important player diplomacy through access and docking rights, and exercise asset safety for even the largest alliances of tens-of-thousands of players should they be destroyed in cataclysmic, awe-inspiring explosions."

EVE Online is a science-fiction game for the Macintosh and PC in which hundreds of thousands of players compete for riches, power, glory and adventure in a single universe. EVE players build and command a wide variety of starships and traverse vast solar systems interconnected by a sophisticated player-driven economy, forging their own destinies in the meaningful context of other players vying to do the same.

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