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Pax East 2016 | Panda & the Panels: Talking Horror w/ Scared Yet.

Today I have learned that Kitchens can be an effective Horror game setting.

Day Two

My first panel of day brought me to bumblebee theatre. I got to experience the Scared Yet: A Discussion of Horror in Media panel. I made a friend while sitting in line; she fed me and we are bonded forever! She also liked horror games which is always a plus in my book. As the panel began to start, I instantly got the feeling I was listening to very like-minded individuals who were very knowledgeable about the horror game genre.

I was hoping for a panel that would highlight how the genre has shifted over the last few years with survival horror games like Resident Evil losing their title to games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent Slenderman and Among the Sleep. While all of these games were brought up, they were only briefly touched on by the panel guests. This panel primarily discussed the technology that is being pushed to the front of the genre experience: VR.

Do not get me wrong. VR – to a select few– is seen as the obvious next time towards full emersion. What will the relationship be like between games that make you want to hide but a device that completely deprives the player of their ability to do just that?

FASCINATING- that's what!

A game demo was talked quite a bit about called Kitchen. It is hard to find any visual demos of what is experienced in the game. Most of the videos out there relating to this demo simply show a player in the VR headgear REACTING to scary stuff. From the discussion it seems that the demo puts the player in the scary situation of being abducted and bound to a chair. There is a body in the corner that looks very much NOT alive and the player is completely helpless.

If you are a horror genre fanatic, you will appreciate sitting in a room with people who share your interest. I did not walk away with a lot of new information which is what I was seeking.

I give this panel a solid 3 out of 5 stars. I know I would go again because of my genre preference, but I do not see people who are new to the genre finding a lot of substance here.

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