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Update ready for strategy game Honor of Throne today

Chess-like game now includes pyramids and Roman Colosseums

An update for chess-based strategic action game, Honor of Throne, is available on both iOS and Android today.

Among the changes are epic Wonders, which make their debut in this update. For example, players will receive a Colosseum as a building Wonder for free after their first credit. A Colosseum will increase all troops' HP and Attack Damage. Another Wonder, Pyramid, helps to unlock the second building queue when the Castle reaches Level 3, which makes it possible to upgrade or build two buildings simultaneously.


There are also some game adjustments: Tap one button to accelerate the production of all resource buildings and the recruitment of all Barracks. Noble titles come with daily rewards. Players will be granted titles based on their honor trophies, with higher titles come better rewards.

Honor of Throne is available for free on both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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