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Yes, that's Cap beating up Hitler

And what have you accomplished the last 75 years?

Marvel Comics is in their year of celebrating Captain America's 75th anniversary by looking back into the history of this superhero, especially now that he's about to be the featured character in the upcoming Civil Wars movie.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his origin story, skin-and-bones Steve Rogers undergoes an experimental process to make him a super soldier so he can fight in World War II. The process works, granting him super abilities, but a saboteur kills the scientist and destroys the machinery so he winds up being the only one. Still, one Captain America proves plenty as the red, blue and white clad patriot uses his shield to bring peace to the world during a time of strife.

captain america 1-1

Marvel is celbrating that first issue, written by Joe Simon and drawn by Jack Kirby in 1941, the cover of which you see on this page, by making a digital version available to buyers. Go to this link >/a> for more information.

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