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frESHlook - Oldschool

New frESHlook | Gears of War 4 and More

A frESHlook full of video games and video game related stuff...ike Gears of War 4, what a great way to kick off your week.

Remember that my ratings are only my initial impressions. They are subject to change once I've seen it.

Gears of War 4

frESHlook - Multiplayer Dam Map

I'm not a huge multiplayer fan, but Gears is one of the few games where I enjoy both the single player and multiplayer campaigns. They are a good mix of challenging and over the top fun...and every time I see screens from the upcoming Gears of War 4 title coming out on Oct. 11, my inner child does a little dance. Check out the Gears multiplayer screens yourself and make your own judgement.

frESHlook rating (4.5/5)

Old-School Video Game Box Art

frESHlook - Oldschool

Ain't no school like the old-school, right? When I came across this collection of Atari 2600 era inspired box art, I was hit with a strong wave of nostalgia. See the collection of Panic apps that got the old-school treatment here.

frESHlook rating (4/5)

Galaxy Reavers

frESHlook - Galaxy Reavers

The screenshots for the iOS shooter Galaxy Reavers coming May 19 are stunning. It amazes me just how detailed game graphics can be on the platform. While the details about the game are a little light, it still looks gorgeous and work a peek on the 19th. See the game for yourself here.

frESHlook rating (4/5)


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