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How about a nice game of Really Bad Chess?

When I was a kid, we'd play crazy games of Monopoly. Friends would bring their sets and we'd combine them: unlimited money, unlimited house and hotels, extra Chance and Community Chest cards, players using multiple Race Cars as tokens. Just crazy.

Really Bad Chess

Four queens vs. one? Inconceivable!

Now imagine doing something like that for chess. That's precisely what Zach Gage did, and the result is a free-to-play game for the iPhone and iPad called Really Bad Chess, which is available starting today.

Really Bad Chess creates random, non-standard opening mixes of chess pieces, but maintains most of the rules of chess as you battle against the A.I. Whether you play chess daily, or quit just after learning the rules, this small twist will open the door to an entire new world of the game.

For instance, how about pitting four queens on one side vs. one queen on the other? Or starting with eight knights, four bishops and three pawns?

Every board in Really Bad Chess is made up of a random assortment of pieces, giving the different sides varying degrees of advantage and disadvantage, mixing up the playfield and tactics every single game. Instead of starting with the memorization of openings, novices in Really Bad Chess start with learning moment-to-moment tactics. This makes it more like the strategy video game players know and love, while still feeling like chess.

There are daily and weekly competitions to see how other players in the world are faring

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