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Hatsune Miku can be very untrustworthy at times. On some occasions, she'll deliver some fun music-based rhythm gaming with the promise of smiles and free puppies. However, on the rarest occasion, her games crank up the difficulty when you least

When it was introduced back in 2012, The Walking Dead Telltale series ushered in a new era of series from the adventure game developer. Containing some of the most genuinely emotional moments in gaming that year, it set a very

It's not just because they're hungry, but the Sistahs certainly have food on the mind in this week's episode. So the word "steak" in the headline is no misspelling. You'll find the refernence to steak in the first few minutes.

Twenty-one years ago, towards the last breaths of the Super Nintendo, Natsume rolled into town with a blistery and high-actioned shooting spree known as Wild Guns. A blend of cowboys and steampunk, the tale of Annie and the bounty hunter

Today’s gamer has so many problems. Buy digital or buy physical. Buy console or join the PC Master Race. Razer or Steel Series. The list goes on and on. But the biggest pain point for many gamers are headsets.

It took a whole year, but the majority of us have survived 2016. We mihght look a little battle weary, but we did survive.

Despite the major shit-show known as 2016, video games had many bright spots throughout the year. New IPs, sequels, spin-offs, and even a successful Kickstarter or two have helped the gaming realm shine far brighter than it has in the