Once upon a time, Ninja was addicted to a video game called Destiny. Now Destiny is back in its second version, and Ninja finds herself the sadder, but wiser girl.

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Although she believes that she won't once again become addicted to this newer version of the game, there is also the frightening thought that she might once again fall to its passions. Will she? Won't she? Only time will tell. For now, at least, she is able to talk dispassionately about the game.

Destiny 2 is but one of the many subjects of this week's podcast. Ninja also talks about an anime she has just completed: Kado: The Right Answer. Panda iscusses the preview trailer for the Until Dawn prequel called The Inpatient, as well as a new game on Steam called Everything.

And, along the way, the girls managed to sneak in talk about Call of Duty, Detroit and Overwatch, making it a well-rounded show.

It's easy to participate. Just listen to ESH Cast #543: You’re gonna hear more about Destiny 2 — that’s a threat and a promise.

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