As any longtime listener of this podcast knows, the Sistahs are big fans of Astro Gaming. Astro has always made gaming headsets we simply love -- and we've expressed that love dozens of times on the show. But, as things must,

The Dark Ages were a time where -- even with the lack of arts and people's limbs falling off unexpectedly -- the story of a hero rising above the muck of the world lifted the heads of many. A noble

As a kid I loved playing chess, and it was all thanks to Interplay's classic computer game Battle Chess that both got me hooked and taught me all I needed to know to win. (It helped, too, that the game

Questionable content is always the hallmark of anime, and that continues to be true with an anime-style game Pandalicious discusses in this week's new podcast.

Why This Game? Normally, I like to write these entries on platinum trophies that are either easy, hard or interesting in some way. Nier: Automata is an narratively brilliant game that does some really great things with its story and by

Telltale Games' interpretation of Mojang's Minecraft had some bumps in Season One, most of which were smoothed over with the aid of its bonus episodes. After nearly a year since we last saw the Order of the Stone, Jesse and

I've been covering the video games industry for over 12 years now including events like E3, and PAX East...but never PAX DEV. With your help, I can change that next month.

You could say this is a show full of Blerd Lines. The black nerd comes out of Ninjah and Panda full force in this week's podcast.

Since 2007 Codemasters' Dirt has showcased some of the most fun and realistic vehicles in any third-party series. What makes these games so enticing is how it makes you feel like you're part of the action, even if you don't

It's not enough to simply go to a movie anymore. Now you get to pick from many poisons. It's not just a matter of blank-and-white or color, silent or sound or anything simple like that. Nowadays you get multiple dimensions, seats that recline or move, things that spray in your face.