Questionable content is always the hallmark of anime, and that continues to be true with an anime-style game Pandalicious discusses in this week's new podcast.

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The game's called Gal*Gun: Double Peace, and although it has a normal-sounding name, you should be made aware of the thing's sexual content well before trying it out. This is something you want to get acquainted with in the privacy of your own home -- not at a party with friends.

If you want to know more, you'll get an earful via Panda's description, so we'll leave it at that. There's plenty of normal stuff in this week's show, including a wide-ranging discussion about the announcements at San Diego Comic Con, including talk of the Wonder Woman sequel, Captain Marvel, Archer and Westworld, as well as Michelle Pfeiffer's involvement in a new Marvel movie.

In addition, Ninja gives her impressions of the first Beta of the game Destiny 2, which brought back all the old feelings she had for the original.

For those of you who would like to contribute to Ninja's effort to appear at PAX DEV and the regular PAX West show next month, please go to this link for more information. Please give her whatever help you can.

That (and more) are all a part of this week's show, ESH Cast #546: If you think it’s inappropriate, it could have been worse.

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