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ESH Cast #559: The South Park game is sooooo South Parky

In the 11 years that Ninja and Panda have been doing their weekly podcast, they have devoted the entire show to a single subject only twice. The first week, way back in 2006, they talked about the game Kingdom Hearts. And now, this week, they talk about South Park: The Fractured but Whole [Xbox | PC] -- for the entire show.

The reason for their emphasis on Kingdom Hearts back in 2006 was easy -- it was their very first podcast and they were simply feeling their way through their first show. But the reason for devoting their 559th show on the second in the latest series of South Park games?

It's not because it's monumental. Although Ninja likes the game a lot, she admits that it's the logical sequel to the last South Park game, "Stick of Truth." It's not because the game offers anything really new -- there is no special kind of "Reality," whether it be Virtual, Augmented or Mixed.

The reason has more to do with the personal state of the co-hosts involved. It hasn't been a great week for Ninja or Panda. They're both overworked and underhealthy. Panda has the sniffles and Ninja is overly congested. You've been protected from most of the aural manifestations of those two problems by their hard-working producer (although there's liable to be a clip show one of these days displaying a lot of the noxious sounds they have exuded during shows like these).

Even though they weren't on top of their game, and you won't hear the horrible sounds they make in the creation of this podcast, they were still able to produce more than an hours' worth of intelligent commentary on the South Park game -- so that's something.

So get your fill of cough- and sniffle-free commentary in ESH Cast #559: The South Park game is sooooo South Parky.

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