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ESH Cast #589: The last time there was a leak like this, Noah built himself a boat

Of course, the "leak" we talk about in this week's title is the big leak made a few weeks ago by WalMart Canada. It's the reason this week's announcements at the E3 conference weren't quite as surprising as they might have been.

Ninja and Panda talked about the leak a few weeks back, but, as occasionally happens, you're not hearing what they said until now. They discussed the leak in Episode 585, but because that show was running a little long, we decided to hold it back until the girls took a break from recording.

And we knew this week would be their vacation week, so it was the ideal time to run it, along with other excerpts from previous shows we've been withholding.

Nothing we've withheld was earth-shattering. A couple of weeks earlier, they discussed the controversial postponement of the Universal FanCon conference. We held off on using that because we needed to insert some weasel words to protect us from inadvertantly slandering anybody.

We talked about the Hellblade game, Bayonetta and the Best Art Direction category at last year's Game Awards Show. We also have clips discussing the Thor Ragnarock movie, considerations for purchasing good gaming laptops and hacking directly into video games.

We think you'll be appropriately entertained, so please enjoy ESH Cast #589: The last time there was a leak like this, Noah built himself a boat.

By the way, the quote itself comes from Wilford Brimley's great line in the movie Absence of Malice, which we reproduce here.

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