Ninja and Panda head for opposite coasts, so you're all in for another week of an exciting new clip show. New clip show? That's right. It's stuff you haven't heard before.

If you're a long-time listener, you should be used to receiving irregular doses of what we call "cutting-room floor" shows. This is the stuff we had to cut out of recent podcasts due to time constraints, but we're finally delivering it to you. Nothing goes to waste around the hallways of the ESH International Headquarters.

We're presenting some relatively timely clips, including the Sistahs' preview look at the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game. The girls also talk about their love of many brands of microphones and a certain You Tube gamer. The girls play a couple of video games and speak various light obscenities.

It's fun as usual, just a little more disjointed than a regular, ordinary podcast. You'll get one of those next week.

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Until then, please enjoy ESH Cast #605: The unofficial official podcast of ESH.

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