The Netflix anime of the ever-popular Castlevania game has turned this week's show topsy-turvy. In it, NinJaSistah actually spoils something, but Pandalicious doesn't.

So be forewarned before listening to this week's show. If you don't want to know how the second season of Castlevania ends, don't listen to this thing until you do.

Among the other things the Sistahs discuss are questions such as: How do astronauts keep warm in outer space? What would happen if you started living in someone else's body? What would you do if you knew a comet was about to destroy your home town? How good would you be as a hospital administrator?

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They talk about the Your Name movie and the Two Point Hospital video game and much more. Along the way, they reference an old Calgon commercial and tell of their utter absence of interest in interstellar travel.

We hope you enjoy ESH Cast #609: It’s a Red Letter Day when Ninja spoils something and Panda doesn’t.

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