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Everybody says Tokyo Ghoul is coming this winter. I suppose it's best to miss that all-important Halloween weekend.

The second season of the Knights of Sidonia anime series, which originally aired in the summer of 2015, will be coming to home video in the U.S. Nov. 29.

Ever want to become the voice actor of an anime? Here's a chance to try it out.

It's the middle of the summer season, but as the Food Wars critic says, "The beginning of the end has arrived." Here are the latest recaps of the anime currently being broadcast in the U.S.

It's not spring, but love is big in the subject-matter for the rumor mill this week. Here are the shows we're tracking: Sword Art Online This rumor says the release date for 'Ordinal Scale' will happen in February 2017. One Punch Man What will

Gatchaman Crowds Insight Season 2 Collection, from the anime originally released in summer 2015, will be available for home video purchase Nov. 22.

With the announcement today that Hulu would be dropping its free option and heading to a totally subscriber-driven model, many people were scrambling to find a place to continue to view their favorite anime without having to pay.

The summer season of anime is in full swing and, for some shows, things are starting to get good, while others can't seem to maintain the promise of the early episodes. Here are the latest recaps of the anime currently being broadcast in the U.S.

With the heat of summer and the plethora of anime and game conventions, the rumor mill gets a little quiet. That's OK. It'll heat up at the same time things cool down everywhere else.

Aoharu x Machinegun, an anime derived from a manga, will be released on home video in the U.s. on Nov. 15.