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If this podcast episode was a person, it could legally drink alcohol in any of the 50 states and across the globe. Hurray for Hpnotiq!In this episode the sistahs announce the launch of the ESH Arcade, then Pandalicious talks

We talk about so many different things in this episode we just couldn't agree on any other name for it. So here is ESH Podcast Episode No.20: Hodge Podge.If you like Norse mythology, flighty characters, or are into "May-December"

In this weeks podcast episode Pandalicious gets a half hour to share her top five OVA movie picks with you

It's new episode day again, so you better grab the new one while it's hot!In this episode of the ESH podcast, episode 19, MagicMysticGrl finally makes it to the show to add her two to three cents into the collective

Alright, the sistahs are back in production people so gather 'round gather 'round!In this episode of the ESH podcast the sistahs [sans MagicMysticGrl] talk about the anime series Wedding Peach which Pandalicious likens to Sailor Moon

Hey hey, it's new podcast episode day.In this Skypecast episode of the podcast the sistahs are joined by their [and your] friend Douceswild to discuss the short run anime series Ikki Tousen, Pandalicious sneaks in a few WoW references, and

Submitted for your listening pleasure, I give you podcast episode number 16.Pandalicious and I had a slight bit of fun with this episode so grab the episode and join the madness. We kinda go off on a tangent for

The inaugural Skypecast went off with several hitches, but here it is in all of it's glory! We had a ball putting this episode together people, and hope you enjoy listening to it.The Pandalicious and guest Douceswild try help

The sistahs are in mourning y'all.Join NinJaSistah & Pandalicious as we commiserate over witnessing the passing of E3 as we know it. You may pause for a moment to pay your respects if you like. We discuss what the

In this episode, we join our heroines Pandalicious and NinjaSistah entangled in the worlds of Onegai Teacher and Sony