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    The Best Fanmade Trailer of 2008

    posted @ 1/02/2009 10:11:00 AM by Douceswild

    We seen some awesome fanmade things pop up in 2008. Machinima and AMVs', were at an all-time high, but I've found the ABSOLUTE best of them all. This one definitely is going in my 2008 jewel bag.

    Who's not familiar with the Thundercats? It was a very popular cartoon that debuted in 1985 about a handful of half feline, half human warriors that escaped from their dieing planet and were trying to survive on a new one. They each had special abilities that make them great, such as a whip-whielder who could turn invisible and staff expert who could run extremely fast. It's been announced that a CGI-animated feature film is in the works and due for a summer 2010 release and every geek from here to Saskatewan will probably we watching it.

    A fellow fan of the show could not wait for an official trailer of the Thundercats movie, so he made is own and it's been blowing minds since it's debut. I could not think of a better way to kick off 2009 other than with this fanmade greatness. You'll probably recognize some the actors and scenes from other movies that have nothing to do with each other, but when brought together like this, I can only hope the official trailer gets me as excited, if not more, than this fake one has. Get your wetnaps ready and enjoy!

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    New Lara Croft Model Gets Own'd By Ekstra Bladet

    posted @ 11/10/2008 08:51:00 AM by Douceswild

    What happen when Danish paper, Ekstra Bladet, sat down with the new face and body of Eidos' Lara Croft, Alison Carroll to quiz her on things any good archaeologist (especially a "tomb raider") should know?

    There was awkardness for Mrs. Carroll, egg on Eidos' face, and hilarity for us. You can tell from the beginning that Alison didn't want to do this and when the Eidos rep saw this train wreck in progress, she FINALLY decided to pull the plug.

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    20-O-Savage Was Yatta!!

    posted @ 12/18/2007 09:13:00 AM by Douceswild
    It seems like just yesterday I was starting 2007, or "20-O-Savage" as it's been called, off with one of my jewels and now here we are nearing the end of the year with another of my little internet treats.

    It has been an interesting and amazing year. We've seen videos of things exploding, imploding, people hurting themselves, and much more outrageous things. We've had great video games (Rock Band, Mass Effect), anime (Claymore), and gadgets (iPhone) come out this year. The Electric Sistahood truely became more "savage" than ever while bringing you all of this info in 2007 and we're still picking up momentum.

    "20-O-Savage" is coming to an end and "20-O-Epic" (I'm coining that phrase right now. You heard it here first.) is rapidly approaching. I couldn’t think of any better way to end the O-Savage than with Happa-tai (Leaf Squad) or Green Leaves as they called themselves in English. This jewel pretty much speaks for itself. It’s been a great year people.


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    Douce’s Very Own YouTube Jewel

    posted @ 9/30/2007 10:55:00 PM by Douceswild

    Is it that time of the month again? No, it's not THAT time of the month. It's that time for me to throw another one of my Jewels at you. This one is very special to me so I'm going to share it with you.

    Every now and then I'll head over to YouTube and search for World of Warcraft videos just to see what's out there. I find myself spending almost an hour watching videos of different guilds taking down endgame bosses. I knew one day my guild would be doing the same and our video would eventually grace the pages of YouTube. That day has finally come!

    I've been toying around with some online media outlets for my World of Warcraft guild, Heralds of Azeroth, over the past month. I've created a small podcast for HoA since we've started successfully running some endgame instances like Karazhan, but I wanted a way to SHOW everyone what we can do. That's right people. The Heralds of Azeroth have finally made to the pages of YouTube!

    A guild mate of mine frapped this video of our Karazhan boss fight against Moroes this past Saturday night. He sent it to me and I spiced it up with some flare. I wasn't on this run because it was more of a beginners run for those who just hit the level cap of 70 to get their feet wet, but you will see my rogue character, Ventrue, in future videos. If you look close at the right side of the video at 1:16, you'll see my wife's character, Syralan, run to where the healers are standing. She just got her Paladin up to level 70 last week and that was her first time in Karazhan! She did an awesome job as a healer.

    This is my first attempt at editing gaming video so I need you guys to tell me what you think. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present the pride of Douce's Jewels. It brings me great joy to share with you That's One Moroes Mother-%$#@$@â.


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    posted @ 8/28/2007 09:26:00 AM by Douceswild
    The new look of the site is amazing, but I can’t help but think that something is missing. What could it be? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh wait! This site needs to be christened! There’s no “new look” until I slap one of my jewels on this baby. Uh, by “baby”, I’m referring to this site, and…..AWKWARD!

    With all of the new changes going on around here, there needs to be something familiar. Something that people can come to and say amidst all of the changes, “Hey! It sure is good to see those jewels again.” I mean this place is so different now that when I come here, I barely even recognize my own jewels. Now that’s just a damn shame.

    So what could I possible pull out this time? Let’s see. We can go with flying monkeys wearing power gloves? Or maybe I could use skating polar bears talking on the iPhone. It’s just not good enough for the new design. DAMMIT!! Which jewel can I plop right on out on this page. Wait a second. I’m getting something. I’m seeing something memorable, catchy, and hilarious. I think I I’ve got it. Holy mother of Bill Gates! It’s raining!! No. It’s not raining men. It’s raining…chocolate! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!

    OK people! If you don’t know the words to the whole song, that’s alright because after hearing this, this song will be stuck in your head while you play your favorite video game, read your favorite manga, or play with your favorite tech gadget. You only need to know two words. I bring to you the first of Douce’s Jewels for the new and improved ESH site. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the one geek to rule them ALL…Tay Zonday with “Chocolate Rain” (Some stay dry and others feel the pain.) Use that verse when you totally destroy someone in a video game…or in life (/shrug shoulders). It’s up to you.


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    Jewels of Steel

    posted @ 7/11/2007 12:02:00 PM by Douceswild
    Hey peeps! It’s been a while but ya boy Douce is back and I’m bringing you something that you haven’t had in a LONG time. Douce’s Jewels are back and bigger than ever. I GOT JEWELS OF STEEL!! You’ll know what I mean by that in a moment.

    So I was playing with my iPhone when I suddenly realized, "Hey I haven’t squeezed (squozen maybe) out a jewel in quite some time." As much as it pained me, I managed to put the phone down and after digging down WAY deep, I was able to find something that I think all you old school Duke Nukem fans might enjoy.

    Here’s what’s going on. Many mmorpg players use voice chat servers like Ventrilo to communicate while they play. Well these gamers got a surprise visit from our good ‘ole friend, the Duke of Destruction, Mr. Duke Nukem himself. At first, this girl was trying to figure out WTF is happening, then after some time she just goes berserk and hilarity ensues. You may want to send the kids out of the room before listening to this because this chick really lets the profanity fly.

    I’m calling this jewel Balls of Steel and laying it right on you all.

    Ventrilo Harassment - Duke Nukem Forever - Watch the top videos of the week here


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    posted @ 4/11/2007 04:22:00 PM by Douceswild
    I’ve got jewels. You’ve got jewels. If you want to expose your jewels, this is your lucky day. Your boy Douce is on a mad jewel hunt. (That SO doesn’t mean what it sounds like.)

    Last year, I started an on-going segment called “Douce’s Jewels” in which I bring to you some goodies that I find floating around the intertubes. Whether its videos or pictures, I unleash them for all you FrESH peeps to see. Either you love them or hate them. They’re out and they’re raw. My motto is “Expose now and blush later.”

    We’ll since I’ve received such positive responses from you guys, (I usually get the opposite reaction when I expose my jewels…hmm…That’s weird.) I’ve become curious about YOUR jewels. Everyone that uses the internet comes across something so funny and amazing that you just have to show someone. Here’s your chance. All I ask is that you keep it somewhat clean, people. You know the site. You know what we’re about. We got an explicit tag, but we ain’t “” so bring your GAMING, ANIME, TECH, or ANYTHING NERDY/GEEKY jewels to the party. If you want to know the kind of stuff I’m looking for, check out some of my past jewels on the site.

    Use the “Hit Us Up” link at the top of the page and paste the link to your picture or video jewel. As of right now, I’m going to have to limit the submissions to only two per person every month because I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but I’m no jewel-juggler. I can only handle so many at a time. Who knows? You may find your jewel plastered in an article on the site and/or getting a shout-out on the podcast. Remember to put your FrESH name too. It doesn’t matter if it’s your nickname or real name. I aint giving credit to anonymous people. Give us a name so we’ll know these jewels are yours. Be proud of your jewels and embrace them. Take pride in knowing that others are embracing them too. As a matter of fact, I’m calling you guys…wait for it…


    Get it? FrESH peeps + exhibitionist = FrESH-o-bitionists...oh frack you. Just go with it until I think of something better.

    OK people. Hit us up. Let’s see what you’re packing. Who’s got the biggest jewels? We’ll just have to see.


    Finish what you start...

    The Saga Continues

    posted @ 3/06/2007 05:40:00 PM by Douceswild
    It’s that time again, people. I’ve got another one of my internet jewels to show you and this one is awesome. So what is it this time? Well let’s just say it’s part two and involves light sabers.

    If you can remember way back in December of last year, I found a video of two guys fighting with light sabers. These weren't just two kids flinging around sticks and making light sabers noises. These guys had choreographed fighting and special effects. For those of us who can’t remember anything before New Years Eve, here’s the link.

    The same two guys are back with part two of their battle. In my opinion, this one is even better and longer than the first one. I’m calling this installment to Douce's Jewels, A New Generation Born, Pt. 2.


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    Bringing Back More Than Just Sexy

    posted @ 12/06/2006 05:50:00 PM by Douceswild
    All of you old school G4 TechTv fans may remember the days when that channel was actually worth watching because you’d learn something new on a daily basis. There were shows that taught you about technology and informed you of new and upcoming games hosted by people WHO ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAMES and were at least FAMILIAR with what they were reading on the teleprompter. What does this little trip down memory lane mean for you? You guessed it. It's time for another one of Douce's Jewels.

    Among the many knowledgeable hosts was one of my favorites, Laura Foy, who co-hosted a show call They talked about games and technology and gave their input on what was worth your time and what wasn’t. The show was cancelled last year and Laura disappeared from the station. Since then, she has gone on to do other things like hosting an internet radio show and, well, music. You won’t find her being exploited on MTV. I’ve saved that pleasure for this very moment.

    With all of the hype over the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii launch, many have forgotten about the initial next-gen console, Xbox 360. Laura Foy has taken it upon herself to remind gamers of which system is the best buy as of right now and what better way is there to draw people together and get a powerful message out to the masses than with the power of song?

    I bring to you the latest installment to my internet jewel collection which I’m calling Hey DJ, Bring That Back.


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