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Episode 88:It's Upstairs, Downstairs - With Incest!

Monday brings a new episode of the ESH podcast, and this one is a doosie!

In this episode, Pandalicious and NinJaSistah hold down the show chit chattin' about the anime [based off of a harem video game] They Are My Noble Masters and the influence of eastern culture on western culture and back again through the video medium. We get a little deep on the discussion end, and them come back to being the normal chaotic prattle that we usually give you.

If you need more encouragement, here are the titles we didn't use:

  • Captain Save-a-hoe Sez: No WoW For You
  • It's Gigantaramous- Without The Ramos
  • Turner Movie Classics Is Trying To Kill Me
  • Welcome to The Real World: ESHLand
  • They Don't Bleed, But There's Still A Discharge
  • Helen Mirren's Next Role: the Metropolitan New York Yello Pages
  • How Do You Watch Samurai Champloo? Lather-Rinse-Repeat
  • I Could Watch Maids and Butlers For The Remains of the Day
  • Stay Out of that Stay-Out-of-That-Place, Place
  • No, Really, Incest Makes Me Feel Icky
  • Don't Fondle Your Siblings
  • She Did Not Just...Yeah, Yeah She Did
  • This Is My Noble Masturbation
  • It's Wrong-So Wrong I Give It A Thumbs Up
  • and
  • This episode Comes With A Big Asterisk

So grab a cup of you favorite liquid and enjoy, Episode 88: It's Upstairs/Downstairs...With Incest!

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Rochelle "NinJaSistah" Hinds and Amanda "Pandalicious" Britton are the founders of ElectricSistaHood (ESH), and co-host of the network's flagship podcast, the ESH Cast. For nearly a decade, they have focused their journalistic efforts on video games and anime. That's - as the kids say these days - what's up.