If you ever sit and ponder on the idea of people of a young-ish age drinking, let this new episode of the ESH podcast be the proof you need to "just say nay!"This week, MagicMystic returns and brings with her

Who doesn't like new podcast episode Monday? Productive people that's who. Let us help you start your week off on the unproductive tip with this episode of our podcast.Sans MagicMystic yet again, the sistah's stick to the gaming topic

It's hard to explain the title until you listen to the episode, but trust me this new episode of the ESH podcast is quite the piece of work.In this episode of the podcast, the sistah's run the video game, entertainment

It's Monday again, and it's time once more for a new episode of the ESH podcast.I hope you guys and gals from the land of ESH had a happy and safe holiday weekend. I know I did, and I'm