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Episode 105: This Is Fan Service...WITHOUT My Crotch

It's hard to explain the title until you listen to the episode, but trust me this new episode of the ESH podcast is quite the piece of work.

In this episode of the podcast, the sistah's run the video game, entertainment and anime gauntlet from the audience choice re-review of the anime series Angel Sanctuary to new games on the E3 horizon. Would it be an ESH podcast if we didn't talk about incest, angst, mentioning Bioshock or complaining about videogames/comic titles being turning into feature length films? I don't think so. To give you a better idea of how the episode turned out, here are the titles we didn't choose:

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  • Sucked Into a Portal of Happiness
  • God Knows, Even In His Sleep
  • Again With the Incest
  • I Love Her, So I Need to Kill Her
  • The Sex Scenes Are Pretty Cool, Just Pretend They're Not Related
  • Just Say "No" to Will Smith
  • Want to Beat Darth Vader? Smack James Earl Jones in the Face
  • It's Big. It's Black. and It Makes No Noise
  • My Only Real Complaint Is that It's Short
  • I Finally Took Out Ghandhi - I'm Not Proud to Say That
  • and
  • FYI: Incest Sends Your Soul to Hell

So grab your morning or evening cup of joe and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 105: This Is Fan Service...WITHOUT My Crotch

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