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Episode 138: I Have One, And I'm Proud

That's right, there's a new episode of the ESH podcast in town... and it's ready for your consumption.

So, MilkChan of Ultimate Quest fame was supposed to be on the show, but yet again the sistah's got stood up. We didn't take it personally though, instead we used the extra time to be random and rant and rave about games, gadgets and whatnot. We start with a couple of audience questions about the Wii and titles to look forward to on the XB360 and then we get into the nitty-gritty down and dirty.

NinJaSistah talks about her first impressions ofResident Evil 5 and does a compare/contrast type thing with the Tomb Raider: Underworld title on the XB360 versus the PS3 version. Pandalicious learns the meaning of the acronym FML as well as the existence of the FML Blog, let's people know that she shouldn't be trusted with other people's children, and then goes crazy random for a bit.

It's another one of those podcasts that starts off with an agenda, but it down the weird and random path to goofy glory. Need a mental picture? Well, here are the titles that we came up with to name the episode:

  • What the "L" Is FML?
  • People Don't Trust Me With Their Children
  • Bad Worm!
  • Guns In Her Shoes? That's Accessorizing
  • I Want World Peace, But It Would Make For A Lousy Video Game
  • When Bigger Isn't Better
  • Capcom, We Have A Problem
  • There's Nowhere Like Home - That's Not Necessarily a Good Thing
  • No Console Left Behind
  • and finally
  • Don't Eat Bacon Wrapped Cancer

Told you it was random. Grab that morning cup of joe, put on your headphones and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 138: I Have One, and I'm Proud!

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