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Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of March 8

Welcome to the show!

I am playing baseball. Again. You know what, though? I don't hate it! In fact, I think this is better than the other baseball demo I played last week.

The gameplay is basically the same as MLB 2k10, but The Show is- showier.

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As the camera sweeps over the stadium, you can take in the great detail put into recreating the real locations. Then, when you get to look at the turf and the players, you get to see that the terrain looks spectacular and the uniforms move like real cloth.

It doesn't blow me away, but I think that if you like baseball and you appreciate a game that is pleasing to your eyes, I would suggest that you ditch MLB 2k10 and play MLB 2010 The Show instead. It'd a good demo, and probably a good game as well.

In the world of Feeding Frenzy, it's eat or be eaten. Is this a kid's game?

OK, so there's nothing M-rated going on here, not even t-rated; but how horrible is it to be devoured by a big fish? There aren't many games-  besides ones in the zombie survival horror genre- where you can be dined on.

If you've been hunting for a kid-friendly title (and your kids don't mind being eaten) then this is a nice downloadable solution for you.

There are many modes to play( including multiplayer) so there is replay value galore. Feeding Frenzy 2 is simple but challenging and fun. Not really something I wuld buy, but it is a good demo.

Megaman 10 also has a demo out.

I quite liked this game. I didn't mind it at all. However, the game looks just like any other Mega Man, so i'm not going to show any screens beyond the background from the crossmedia bar:

Alright, alright, here's the start screen:

The plot is about Rush coming home with a robot STD. Megaman is pissed, so he goes on a bloody rampage to kill everyone involved. You know, something like that. Maybe it also had something to do with shooting at lots of  robots.

I wonder how much of an audience is looking for this throwback style game, but for the series to turn its back on the state-of-the-art and 3D rendered  world, Capcom must have seen worth in going back to basics.

Even though I want my games to be 3d, I didn't find fault with Megaman 10.  I have some history with the series, and I am an "old man" so if you're in your teens, I don't know if you would want to play a side-scroller.

This game also has leaderboards and other online components you would expect from most games today, so the game isn't totally stuck in the 80's.

So all the games win this week. I have been defeated yet again! Come back later for some more demos. I hope that my time and hard drive space is not wasted on sucky demos.

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